Pending Series on Classicism

In Classicism on March 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm

M. Standfast, Kyoto

Despite the frenetic pace of life for most of our Sympathists, Classical Sympathies will bravely attempt to redefine classicism for the 21st century.  No less.  We will attempt to do this through a 20 part series which will look at works of art that we admire to attempt to determine whether or not a certain “classical” thread runs through all of them.  It will already be understood that this effort will require a true re-definition–that the classical definition of classicism “The aesthetic and cultural perspective guided by admiration for what are perceived as classical qualities: order, maturity, harmony, balance, moderation” (Blackburn, 1996) will not entirely suffice.   Thus, the series will attempt to reach a understanding of what classicism might mean in the 21st century, and will interpose thirteen pieces of art with commentary on seven chapters from Edward Said’s “On Late Style.”  If this project sounds ambitious, it is to be hoped that it will prove no more ambitious than aspiring to be a classicist in the modern age.

Submissions on this rather abstruse topic are most welcome.  No prior understanding of or interest in classicism is required.


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