A Puritano Trifecta

In Poems on May 14, 2009 at 9:17 pm

Note: In another piece of consolidation, I have re-posted three poems from Puritano. It is my opinion that all three of these are particularly strong pieces, though all quite short. It is interesting to note that Mr. Williams appears to work in a roughly similar form most times out, and this leads me to inquire about his writing process. My next post will take up this subject in more detail.

“An accidental alphabet”

An accidental alphabet
dissolving as we spoke
till meaning sighed
had it but choice
and ripped all sense
from sound.


Has solitude outbred itself
as the Mongol ponies did
devoured steppes giving way
to empty afternoons
after ages reversing this
with Napoleon on the march
Moscow burned, homeward bound
ice already on the road.

Note: According to some accounts, the first Mongol invasion failed when the hardy horses upon which the invaders depended could not find enough grass to forage upon.

“Dickinson Lives!”

My life contracted–
at its close
an atom’s breadth– confined
in region infinitesimal
in amplitude– the sun
an ambit individual
a universe– of one.


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