Shard I

In Poems on September 9, 2009 at 10:21 pm

GazePuritano, Kyoto

heart pumped on
cold, reliable
her gaze
hunting past me:
“and have you come
all this way
just to see me?”

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  1. When considering Nick Cave while reading this poem, images of the singer thrashing around in a black cape are immediately conjured in my mind.

  2. I appreciate the reference to Cohen, which gave me pause to consider the romantic qualities perhaps expressed, and then I thought also of Nick Cave. My first reaction, however, was a clenched fist and furrowed brow: “Yes, and I’ll be going now!”

  3. This little item puts me immediately in mind of Leonard Cohen. “Dean Williams Kyoto” continues to be a searched for term that leads to Sympathies. I wonder if this poem holds any tiny clue as to why that might be?

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