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Fan Letter and New Blog

In Free Floating on January 29, 2011 at 7:41 pm
M. Standfast, Kyoto

Sympathies, as a project, has been in remission, and yet during its dormancy the site lives on, with a small but beautiful life of its own.  Last month Sympathies received a fan letter from one Chris De La Cruz, a young man working his way through the first stages of what will surely be a lifelong wrestling with “My Dinner With Andre.”  Chris’s lovely note planted a seed in Sympathies’ curator, M. Standfast, which has borne fruit in the inauguration of a new blog, Jungian Intimations.  The new blog, now in its glorious infancy, can be found here:

Intimations will cover all things Jung, as well as allowing the “clown called I” to riff on matters autobiographical.  Thanks in advance are due to Mr. Dean Williams, who suggested long ago that we should open a site dedicated to explorations in psychology.

Here is Mr. De La Cruz’s letter:

Hi Matthew,

Today I stumbled upon your website when looking for different essays about My Dinner with Andre which has, over the past year, become one of my favorite films (tied with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). I was reading both Part I and II of your blog posts on My Dinner with Andre and found them both really insightful. I especially enjoyed the sections on impulse in Part II. I think that is something I really struggle with in my understanding of the film. You put it so clearly when you say:

“The trouble with authenticity and living on impulse is, simply, that one person’s authenticity is another’s callousness; one person’s impulse is another’s betrayal; one person’s honesty is another’s arrogance.”

It’s so true what you say. I mean where is the consideration of others if I am going on impulse all the time? Is it that deep inside me there is always this compassionate core where my impulse will react from? This whole past semester, I have really been trying to find a way in which “each day would become an incredible, monumental creative task.” I think I find it most difficult in terms of my relationships. I find such a struggle in understanding when there is a point where you can truly be with someone. I feel like the institution of marriage is counter to the idea of acting on impulse. Andre says that he questioned whether he could spend the rest of his life with Chiquita and he realized he didn’t want to be anywhere else, but when does someone reach that point? Is it after you have traveled the world and realizing that you can create this intentional, authentic experience within your own home?

Essentially, all this message comes down to is to let you know that you should really consider continuing with your analysis of My Dinner with Andre. It’s relieving to read someone else’s well-constructed thoughts on the film so that I can take a break from listening to the incessant monologue in my head. I don’t know what your reasons were for giving up – but I hope it wasn’t because you didn’t think anyone really cared.


Incidentally, Chris participates in a series of videos concerning Public Safety.  Be careful out there kids.


Search Terms Leading to Sympathies

In Free Floating on July 1, 2009 at 11:48 pm

M. Standfast, Kyoto.

Editor’s Note: The following post is a list of rearranged search terms that have led readers to the site. Many of these are self-explanatory; a few are sightly more out of orbit. Apparently, these are our major concerns.

classical sympathies
classical sympathies word
classical sympathies blog
“write for sympathies”

post-modern classicism
jm coetzee panel
michelle-irene brudny
jonathan dee cheever

“jonathan dee”
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judith butler

erving goffman
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“the snakehead”

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The Pleasure of the Coil

In Free Floating on February 14, 2009 at 9:33 pm

Puritano, Kyoto

Begin with gulls ratcheting down.
Every turn a tightening of screws
precise in its engendering of you
whose vertebrae are bravely stacked
grudging adherents of a syntax
where absolute minimum of line
when multiplied once by time
will just outlast the tension
of our radial composition
which yearns only to be embroiled
in the pleasure of the coil.