There once was a scholar named Matt
who said, “Teachin’ just not where it’s at.
I’ll become a coordinator
Meet power, even date her,
and hobnob with all the fat cats.


There once was a frat-boy named Bush
whose life had been exceedingly cush
although we were hesitant
we made him our president
and he kicked us right in the tush.

D. Hannah

There once was a teacher named Dean,
in bow tie would always be seen,
when boss man said no,
that bow tie must go,
it was back before it had been

D. Hannah

There once was a teacher called Mat
behind his computer he sat
sent orders to limbo
just to annoy Timbo
who told him to go eat his hat.

D. Hannah

There once was a man from Peru,
who dreamed he was eating his shoe
he awoke with a fright
in the middle of the night
to find it was perfectly true

Ogden Nash

A pious reformer named Mather
was frequently known to blather
about the great judgment hour
but the word from the shower
was that Mather knew his way around lather


The limerick packs laughs anatomical
in space that is quite economical,
but the good ones I’ve seen
so seldom are clean,
and the clean ones so seldom are comical.


There once was a young lady called Alice
who peed in a Catholic chalice
the padre agreed
twas done out of need
and not out of Protestant malice



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