Reading Lists

Matthew’s Reading List for 2009


* David Mendell. Obama: From Promise to Power. Begun 12/30/08. Finished 1/03/09.

* J.G. Ballard (ed. V. Vale). Conversations. Begun 1/05/09. Finished 1/16/09.

* Stephen R. Covey. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Begun 12/19/08. Finished 1/21/09.

* Richard Todd.  The Thing Itself.  Begun Fall 2008.  Finished 2/03/09.

* Richard Price. Lush Life. Begun 1/26/09. Finished 2/08/09.

* Royce Flippin, ed. Best American Political Writing 2008. Begun 12/28/08. Finished 2/14/09.

* Michael Flocker. The Metrosexual Guide to Style. Begun 1/11/09.  Finished 2/06/09.

* Dalton Conley. Elsewhere U.S.A. Begun 3/21/09.  Finished 4/02/09.

* John C. Maxwell. The 360 ° Leader. Begun 2/24/09.  Finished 4/09/09.

* Eviatar Zerubavel. The Clockwork Muse. Begun 6/14/09.  Finished 6/18/09.

* Michael Lardon. Finding Your Zone. Begun 6/25/09.  Finished 6/30/09.


* Edward Said. On Late Style.

* Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory. My Dinner with Andre.

* Borges.  Other Inquisitions.

* Eric Ambler.  The Levanter.


-Pierre Bourdieu.  Sketch for Self Analysis. Begun 2008.

– Italo Calvino. Why Read the Classics? Begun 1/01/09.

– Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. Begun 1/01/09.

– Associated Press. The Associated Press Stylebook. Begun 1/05/09.

– John Fowles. Wormholes. Begun 1/06/09.

– John Cheever. Bullet Park. Begun 1/07/09.

– Niall Ferguson. The Ascent of Money. Begun 1/10/09.

The Best American Travel Writing. Begun 1/23/09.

-Susan Sontag.  Where the Stress Falls.  Begun 2/11/09.

-Clay Shirkey.  Here Comes Everybody. Begun 2/24/09.

-Seth Lloyd. Programming the Universe. Begun 3/08/09.

-Northrop Frye.  Anatomy of Criticism.  Begun 4/10/09.

-Leonard Koren.  Wabi-Sabi.  Begun 4/10/09.

-Ted Solotaroff.  The Literary Community. Begun 4/11/09.

-Debra Fine. The Fine Art of Confident Conversation. Begun 4/20/09.

-David Snyder.  How to Hire a Champion. Begun 4/26/09.

-Rory Stewart.  The Places in Between.  Begun 5/09.

-Fernando Pessoa.  The Book of Disquiet. Begun 6/05/09.

-John Cheever.  The Stories of John Cheever. Begun 6/09/09.

-Kate Buford.  Burt Lancaster.  Begun 6/09/09.

-John Keegan.  The First World War.  Begun 6/20/09.

-Elias Canneti.  Crowds and Power. Begun 6/22/09.

-Erving Goffman.  Behavior in Public Place.  Begun 6/29/09.

-Adrian Goldsworthy.  Julius Caesar. Begun 7/2/09.

-Mary Lynn Rampolla.  A Pocket Guide to Writing History. Begun 7/12/09.


+ Machiavelli. The Prince.

+ Erving Goffman. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.

+ Gay Talese.  Thy Neighbors Wife.

  1. Hi Pat,
    I take a catholic (small ‘c’) approach to reading–everything all the time. But I remember Mike reading “War and Peace” for like 18 months–War and Peace and nothing else. I think that kind of difference is just hard-wired. Making this reading list will hopefully help induce guilt as to unfinished books and spur me to get them done.

  2. You weren’t kidding about staying up late into the night. You’ve started five books (not counting the style guide) already this year, plus you have two more on the fire from last year. By my count, you’re currently reading seven books. By contrast, our brother is, in his methodical way, reading an atlas of the world. Not reading IN the atlas, or browsing the atlas, but reading the damn thing. He’s on page 48.

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